Rafter360 Insight

The purpose of this project was to create a simple way for our clients (colleges and universities) to do a cost breakdown analysis of their adopted books and find a solution to reduce the cost.


Product Background

Rafter360 improves overall college access and affordability by making the cost of educational content a budgeted and predictable expense through a flat-rate access fee.

Design Process


  • 1. Define the business issue and gather user data
  • 2. Explore the solutions with outlines, site maps & wireframes
  • 3. Prototype & Build Create mocks and begin building the interface
  • 4. User Test & Iterate Gather user testing data and evaluations, iterate on user feedback
  • 5. Polish & Deliver Polish visuals, browser test, fix last minute bugs and deliver on time

The Business Challenge

When coming up with a flat fee for students, the schools had to estimate how much they should charge their students. The schools did not have a simple way to view the cost breakdown of their adopted books, nor could they find a way to reduce the cost easily.


We interviewed our schools’ provosts and CFOs about their current process for determining their content prices. We collected and analyzed the schools’ textbook adoptions data. We came up with a UI solution that delivered a cost breakdown of the adoption data in organized tables and graph visualizations. Also, the schools were provided with expense reduction recommendations based on their specific data.


Wireframes 01

LoFi Prototypes

Wireframes 02


I was the lead designer on this project. My responsibilities included: gathering requirements, creating wireframes, prototyping, organizing visual data, interaction and visual design, responsive design, html & css, user testing

Rafter Insight 03

Audit Page: Showing school's impact on pricing and department score comparison.

Rafter Insight 01

Landing Page: Showing school's estimated quote in dollars and adoption cost breakdown.

Rafter Insight 02

Toolkit Page: Showing school's book adoptions and recommendations to review adoptions.

Rafter Insight 04

Review Module: Showing school's book adoption recommendations and possible actions to reduce or increase cost.